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Drawn together and not pulling away.

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When words aren’t necessary



Nina Dobrev at Max Mara Cocktail Party (June 11, 2012)


Delena things: Dreams/Hallucinations
 (1x03, 1x04, 2x04, 2x22 3x18)


Nina Dobrev + Ian Somerhalder → minimalist

Kitten: “French Kote”, Ian’s nickname for Nina, means “kitten” in Bulgarian. Also, Nina was born in Bulgaria.
Fangs: The Vampire Diaries.
Pumpkin: Represents the ISF halloween event where they caught kissing in public.
Camera: Ian often takes pictures of Nina.
Airplane: Nina and Ian usually arrive to airports together.
Jacket: Ian gave Nina his jacket twice.
The Eiffel tower: Nina and Ian has been in a vacation in Paris together in May 2011.
Necklace: Ian and Nina were seen wearing that necklace at different events.
Fedora: Ian is addicted to fedoras and he got Nina addicted too.

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Once you fall in love with someone, I don’t know if you can ever shake them.

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I really love the dynamic between Caroline and Klaus. Because it’s very odd. It doesn’t make sense at all and yet it makes perfect sense. So it’s like.. it works so well.
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